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The Importance of Outpatient Aftercare After Residential Rehab

Oftentimes, drug addicts and alcoholics need an environment that is isolated from friends, family, and co-dependents to focus on their issues without any outside influences that might affect their path toward recovery. Transitioning from inpatient rehabilitation treatment to the real world, however, can spur feelings of anxiety and stress, which is why outpatient aftercare is vital for a successful transition.

Are There Different Kinds of Aftercare Programs?

No two people are alike, which is why outpatient programs are tailored to suit an individual's needs. Some will need substantially more support than others. Day treatment programs, for example, consume most of a patient’s daytime and allows them to return to their home in the evenings. These programs typically provide group therapy sessions and intensive behavioral treatment in addition to helping recovered addicts cope with family stressors and returning to the workforce. Essentially, this type of aftercare equips recovered addicts with the tools they need to continue to live a life of sobriety.

Recovery From Addiction Does Not End When You Leave Rehab

It is commonly believed that, after successfully completing inpatient rehabilitation treatment, a person can resume living their life, free of addiction. Unfortunately, the urge to relapse will still be a difficult obstacle to overcome, particularly in the immediate aftermath. While it might be helpful to regularly attend 12-step meetings, find a sponsor, and stay away from certain places or people who might trigger a relapse, some recovered addicts need more extensive care.

Outpatient treatment adds structure to a recovered addict’s life. While it does not provide the same level of security or community that inpatient services do, it does serve as an effective stepping stone into the next phase of recovery.

Outpatient Programs Can Accommodate Your Needs

Everyone’s life is different, which is why flexibility is so important when it comes to outpatient aftercare. That said, recovered addicts should make a solid commitment for the program to be effective. Generally, this requires some stability, including a strong support system and a stable home environment.

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