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Michael Burkeundefined

Holistic Therapist

Michael Murphy Burke was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on September 30, 1959. This happens to be the same day that Rumi, the great Sufi mystic poet, was born. This is not a coincidence, as “coincidence is just God’s way of staying anonymous”. Michael grew up surrounded by music, art, passion, freedom of expression, and the absolute power of living on his own path. He’s been a poet all his life, with his first published material being in his high school newspaper when he was a sophomore. More recently, he contributes steadily to Oracle Magazine and is also published in Aquarius Magazine and Conscious Life Journal. In addition to writing, Michael also creates artistic visions in a variety of woods for private clients as a custom woodworker. He can also be found doing spoken word, sacred sound shows and meditations throughout the Atlanta area and beyond.

To contact Michael, send an email to michael@michaelmurphyburke.com

Gina Polce

Holistic Therapist

undefinedMy story begins in 2013 when a long time friend passed away from a preventable infection. I could not shake the mourning of my friend long after his death. I was becoming disconnected and depressed while being stuck in my unhealthy habits and unhealthy emotional patterns. I knew I wanted to change, I just did not know how or where to begin. With the help of an amazing healer, I was able to see that I was not just grieving his death, I was struggling with years of suffering. I knew, in my own ways, I was not taking care of myself like I truly wanted to because I simply did not know how. Thanks to the coach in my life, through many sessions, this was brought to my awareness and we could then begin the healing process.

It was crucial for me to have someone guiding me through all of the emotions I experienced and also holding me accountable for the changes I desired. We worked together, but the power was within me.

I began to appreciate my body and mind from a whole new perspective. It is true that our bodies are our temples and we must protect and nourish them. With this fact being at the forefront of everything that I do, I feel more alive than ever. I am inspired to pass this way of life along so that more people do not get lost due to personal neglect whether it be through toxic relationships, foods that hold no nutritional value, or by living each day frustrated by being in your own skin.

Kristy Wegerundefined

Holistic Therapist

I was heavy most of my life. My biggest was 250 pounds. I had very high lipid numbers in my early 30's. My knees hurt at 32 , something had to give , I decided to make a change . I hiked , attended indoor cycling classes, and lifted weights. I lost 20 pounds through exercise alone , and my eating habits took me the rest of the way. My weight loss journey led me to start a business as a personal trainer . Being fit and healthy feels amazing. I want to share it, That is why I train people.

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