Life Skills Coaching

Learn Skills for Long-Term Addiction Recovery in Cumming, GA

Throughout the transition from addiction to recovery, it’s important that each person finds their own individual purpose in life. After spending so much time feeling hopeless and helpless while in the grip of addiction, it can be difficult for many people to believe they can live life without drugs or alcohol.

At The Carter Treatment Center, we’ll assign you with a Life Purpose Coach whose sole focus is helping you rediscover your true self so you can unlock your passions.

Rediscover Your Potential

It’s common for us to see people who have completely lost their identities while they’re absorbed with addictive substance use. They no longer recognize their true purpose in life.

Life purpose coaching is designed to help you tap into your natural born gifts and talents. You’ll also learn to look for the lessons learned from your past decisions and choices and discover ways to turn them into positive aspects of the addiction recovery process.

Your Life Purpose Coach will work closely with you to identify meaning that fits with each person’s individual value system. Your counselor can help you find ways to give value to your present and assist you with finding positive ways to find your life’s purpose. The goal is to link your present activities, choices, and actions to creating a sense of purpose for achieving the future you desire.

There is a Brighter Future Waiting For You

The biggest challenge of addiction recovery is to find your own meaning and purpose. For some people, the ability to look into the future and experience a sense of hope for a positive, happy, healthy tomorrow creates a stronger feeling of motivation to achieve a successful recovery.

With renewed motivation comes positive action, which is the catalyst for self-directed change that leads to a successful recovery from addiction. Your Life Purpose Coach’s goal is to help you find your own individual and unique sense of hope that will lead you to find your own personal path to recovery.

Contact The Carter Treatment Center in Cumming, GA at (678) 737-4430 or Peachtree City at (678) 498-6313. It’s time to take back your life.

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