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What We Offer

Our Intensive Outpatient Programs

The experienced team at The Carter Treatment Center understands that addiction affects each person differently. We know that treating addiction can not be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, as each person may respond differently to varying treatment methods. As a result, our skilled addiction specialists work to customize the right treatment plan to suit each person’s individual characteristics.

For some people, medical detox may be required before treatment can be effective, but detox alone won’t cure addiction. Our trained addiction counselors work to treat the underlying psychological triggers behind the addictive behaviors and replace those self-destructive attitudes with positive new coping skills for living a sober life.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

The Carter Treatment Center offers intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment programs while you still have the freedom to return home or to maintain work responsibilities around your treatment and therapy sessions. However, your outpatient treatment programs still require a serious time commitment.

While enrolled in our outpatient treatment programs you’ll be involved with individual addiction counselors, along with group therapy sessions and a variety of holistic therapies.

When you complete your intensive outpatient treatment program, you’ll then be enrolled into aftercare programs and alumni programs to ensure you still have the support you need.

Why Choose Our Substance Abuse Treatment Programs?

The experienced team at the Carter Treatment Center is committed to providing our clients and their families with the best possible level of treatment and care. Our treatment center uses “best practices” modalities that can provide success for those people who have the desire and motivation to live a healthy life in recovery.

We are different to many other treatment programs. Our qualified staff and addiction specialist counselors take the time to individually assess each person before developing a tailored treatment plans to suit their needs.

Along with our innovative addiction treatment programs, the Carter Treatment Center also offers a range of holistic therapies designed to help clients find their passion in life. These holistic modalities are an important part of the IOP program we offer. We believe it sets us apart from the rest. We infuse these modalities into our Monday and Friday IOP sessions with a rotation of adjunct therapist who specialize in holistic therapies. By integrating holistic therapies, we help the client to achieve unparalleled results.

We take the time to care, to learn about you, and to help you grow. Get the attention and respect you deserve from addiction experts you know you can trust.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, contact us on 678-771-8468. The support offered by the Carter Treatment Center will continue for a lifetime

Family Programs for Substance Abuse

Family members play a crucial role in the recovery process. Research shows that addiction treatment programs that involve family members reduce the risk of the recovering person relapsing back into a pattern of addictive substance use.

The Carter Treatment Center understands the important roles family members play in the treatment process, so we reinvented traditional programs to include a range of family programs specifically for substance abuse.
It’s common for family members to believe that only the person with the addiction requires treatment. Yet addiction affects everyone in the family unit in different ways, causing unnatural strain and stress on family relationships.

On the third Saturday of every month, we host a Family and Friends Support Group, where we encourage family members and friends to join us for a staff led process group session. Each full group session extends for around 1.5 hours. You only need to bring courage, love, and plenty of questions you want answered.

Some common questions we hear from concerned family members include:

How do I care for myself while my loved on is in treatment?
It’s vital that family members learn more about the importance of self-care and co-dependence, which are covered as specific group topics throughout family sessions.

How do I best support my loved one while they are in treatment?
Learning the right ways for family members to provide support and understanding is important for any recovering addict. Family members learn to increase helpful behavior and decrease unhelpful behaviors, as well as learning warning signs of relapse and how important family is for relapse prevention planning.

How do I continue to provide support after treatment is completed?
Completing any recovery focused program is a huge accomplishment, but it’s just the beginning of the journey to recovery.

Family members are encouraged to meet privately with our family therapist to help resolve any issues or family relationship problems that may have evolved through the addiction process.

Attending Family Programs at the Carter Treatment Center helps to strengthen family bonds at the same time as teaching family members positive ways to help an addicted loved one through their journey to recovery.

Contact us on 678-771-8468 to learn more about how The Carter Treatment Center can help you and your loved ones through the addiction recovery process.

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