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4 Pros of Holistic Drug Rehab

With the recent Opioid crisis on every American’s mind, more people need help now than ever before.

But the truth is that there are over 23 million Americans currently struggling with addiction. You cannot apply one singular method of rehabilitation to all of them. Attempts to do this are undoubtedly at least partially responsible for the 40-60% of users that relapse.

By providing a new form of treatment, holistic drug rehab hopes to break that cycle in the individuals it treats once and for all.

Read on to learn about just five of the many benefits of holistic drug rehab, and encourage your loved one — or convince yourself — to get help today.

1. It’s Easier To Individualize Treatment

Holistic rehab offers a wide variety of treatment possibilities, ensuring that the patient gets the most effective plan possible.

Instead of trying to force patients into a specific plan of a rehab center, holistic centers create individualized plans based off a patient’s interests, addiction, and mental health.

Using techniques like acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and even nutrition, holistic rehab treats the whole patient, as opposed to forcing them to go along with a program that may not be right for them.

2. You’ll Still Receive Traditional Therapy

It’s important to recognize that holistic treatment options are a supplement — albeit a very powerful one — to proven, traditional therapy methods.

This means that you can detox safely, participate in group therapy, and speak with professionals one-on-one.

However, these traditional methods of therapy are administered in a setting that makes the patient as comfortable as possible and offers a safe level of independence.

This provides them with the tools they need to stay clean on the outside.

3. It Addresses The Underlying Cause Of Addiction

Many traditional rehabs are so focused on using medication to support addicts in recovery that they end up covering up, or never addressing at all, the main reasons for the addictive patterns of behavior.

Holistic rehab uses talk therapy, art therapy, and more to help patients feel comfortable enough to express themselves. In doing so, they can begin to discover what led them to use, and learn how they can replace these urges with more positive actions.

4. It Creates A Reliable Support Network

One of the most important factors to long-term sobriety is a patient’s support network.

Holistic treatment centers work to ensure that everyone involved, from the other patients to the staff, is committed to the success of everyone in treatment. Unlike some traditional rehabs, which can sometimes feel a bit impersonal, holistic therapy encourages the development of a network of support.

Often, it even helps to educate family and friends as to how they can help their loved one stay strong after treatment is completed.

Find a Holistic Drug Rehab Today

Thanks to the information contained in this brief post, we hope you’re more aware of how holistic rehab centers provide an alternative — but no less effective — help and solutions for those struggling with addiction.

Ready to begin your journey, or speak to one of our team members about getting help for someone you love? Reach out to us today at The Carter Treatment Center in Cumming, GA or our Suwanee area location to learn more about how we can help you take your life back, or give life back to someone else.

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