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Group Therapy For Addiction In Cumming

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People are built to learn and grow in the presence of others. It’s just how we are designed. Working with drug and alcohol dependency group support sessions at The Carter Treatment Center is one of the most natural ways to overcome any problem. We offer both inpatient and outpatient group therapy, so that patients can continue their recovery after they leave rehab.

Effective Group Therapy at Our Cumming Center

Group therapy sessions have been at the core of most successful drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs for decades. The Carter Treatment Center group therapy sessions are proven to be very effective for a number of reasons.

Participating in group therapy sessions on a regular basis offers multiple benefits, including:

  • Peer Support: being in a group therapy setting gives you the opportunity to meet new people who are experiencing similar challenges. You’ll have other people cheering you on and helping you set and achieve goals that propel you towards your own addiction recovery.
  • Accountability: as you begin to develop new social connections, you may find you start feeling more accountable for your actions and thoughts throughout the recovery process. You may even find yourself starting to focus on other people’s needs, which in turn helps you understand more about your own problems.
  • Increased Understanding: when you’re in a group support setting, it’s common for other members to bring up a challenge with which he or she is struggling to get through. You may be in an identical situation, but you might see the problem from your own unique perspective. When you discuss someone else’s issue, you often see your own challenges in a whole new light, which can often lead to finding a positive solution you couldn’t see before.
  • Building Trust: after spending so much time absorbed with substance abuse, many people struggle to trust themselves or other people. The Carter Treatment Center group therapy sessions are designed to help you establish a system of trust with others as you share similar struggles and victories.
  • Reduced Feelings of Isolation: it’s common for many people recovering from addiction to feel as though they’re alone in their struggles. Yet group therapy allows you to realize there are many other people feeling similar emotions and fears about the recovery process.
  • New Social Connections: many people find that they tended to hang out with friends who facilitated their using habits, but may need to avoid those old connections in order to achieve a successful recovery.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, contact The Carter Treatment Center at (678) 737-4430. We can help you regain control of your life and overcome addiction and dependency for good.

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