At The Carter Treatment Center, our clients are like family and we pride ourselves on the relationships that we build with our community. We are heartened to hear stories from individuals in our community who have recovered their possibilities. If you have a story to share, we invite you to fill out the form below to share your journey with our community.
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  • "It felt like I was home"

    Went in not expecting the quality and well-rounded work that I received. I was struggling for so long within the grip of addiction but here I found the right people for the job. The entire process was so innocuous that it never crossed my mine I was in treatment, it felt like I was home, surrounded by such whole-hearted individuals who were all reaching for the same goal: Sobriety. After everything was over I was so sad to depart from the new family I met at this facility but I am sure to never forget those that I met. Stay strong everyone, there is always hope for every single individual out there.

    - L.W.

  • "I came out with peace, self love and most of all confidence"

    I love The Carter Treatment Center so much because for the first time in my existence I came out with peace, self love and most of all confidence that I will make it much further this time. This place rocks and is the cleanest and most professional rehabilitation center ever. Every single one of the staff really takes pride in taking care of their clients and treating them like family not customers. Lastly I just want to say I am so happy that I chose The Carter and will be referring everyone and anyone who is struggling with addiction because this place knows best.

    - C.M.

  • "Guys, call them- they changed my life."

    I don't usually open up publicly about my treatment, but... I love this place. They don't do cookie cutter treatment. My plan was about ME and MY needs, unlike a lot of other places I've been in and out of. They even got my Family involved in my recovery, which was HUGE for me. The staff is so friendly and easy to get on a first name basis with- from helping me understand how my policy worked to getting me in the right program for my needs. Shout out to Angela, Marilyn, Mike, Amy, Laurie, Pat, and Jamie (And anyone else i missed)!!! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

    Guys, call them- they changed my life.

    - B.M.

  • "Thank you The Carter Treatment Center for the amazing support"

    This is honestly a great rehab for anyone looking for serious help and truly has some of the greatest doctors and therapists in the state of Georgia. Even after my short stay I still have continued sobriety and a fulfilling life. This facility showed me how to live a happy and complete life without alcohol, pills, and other harmful substances. My family and loved ones have full faith in me now and life is better than ever. Thank you The Carter Treatment Center for the amazing support, I never thought I could live a sober lifestyle :)

    - D.N.

  • “Today REALLY IS the first day of the rest of your life!”

    I Loved everything about TCTC! The staff is patient, kind, knowledgeable, well trained, has compassion and has given me the full toolbox (My Hard Work) to succeed in my recovery. By far the BEST decision I made was to go here. They teach you about the Brain and Addiction and everyone really understands where you've been -where you are -and foresees where you are heading! Thanks to all for my road to recovery

    - K.V.

  • “I really believe The Carter Treatment Center cares about people, you're not just a number.”

    My counselor was always professional and insightful. I found a lot of healing in process group and sound therapy. I really believe The Carter Treatment Center cares about people, you're not just a number. This is hands-on compassionate treatment

    - A.L.

  • “Thank you Carter Treatment Center, you are a blessing.”

    Thank you Carter Treatment Center, you are a blessing. I always feel at home when I am here. Everyone is smiling and I know it will be a good day.

    - G.H.

  • “An excellent facility, with an even more amazing leadership and staff!!”

    The Carter Center is a great facility!! From the people that they have in the leadership positions, clinical staff, and support staff. I would highly recommend any of my friends or loved one's that were seeking substance abuse treatment to contact them. They care about the patient first and foremost and that is one of the many things that make this Center a definite go to for treatment in my opinion.

    - P.S.

  • “I truly believe that my counselor cares and understands, and that made recovery seem attainable”

    My counselor met me where I was. It is often the case that counselors feel distant and removed. This was not the case with my counselor at The Carter Treatment Center. I truly believe that my counselor cares and understands, and that made recovery seem attainable.

    - B.M.

  • “The Carter Treatment Center gave me a new chance in my life that I thought I had lost.”

    The Carter Treatment Center gave me a new chance in my life that I thought I had lost. I had burned so many bridges but with the help of the counselors, I was able to reconnect with my family. They understood things from my point of view finally and I too was able to see where they were coming from and the fears that they had. I am so thankful for this place. I am coming up on a year of sobriety and my life has changed so much for the better.

    - M.T.

  • "Better than inpatient therapy"
    “I like it better than inpatient therapy because you still have to deal with the outside world on a daily basis and this format helps”

    - A.G.

  • “The Carter Treatment Center cares and holds you accountable!”

    I would refer The Carter Treatment Center because of the staff and how things are handled. They care and hold you accountable. The Carter Treatment Center is awesome, Tashauna and Misti are the best. I leave here feeling better every time and take knowledge with me."

    - S.F.

  • “I felt safe & protected at The Carter Treatment Center!”

    I would not change anything about The Carter Treatment Center, I like the way things are run and handled. I feel safe and protected. I am realizing I'm important.

    - J.F.

  • “They offered the best help in strengthening my recovery!”

    "I love everyone working at TCTC, so much care and energy to really help me in life and recovery. It's overwhelming in the best way possible for me. Best help in strengthening recovery experience I've had anywhere."

    - A.F.

  • “I am so grateful to have found The Carter Treatment Center.”

    I am so grateful to have found The Carter Treatment Center. This is my fifth treatment for alcoholism within a 20 year period, and I have faith that TCTC has prepared me for a sober lifestyle.

    - L.W.

  • “A life-altering experience for me.”

    A life-altering experience for me. The staff is comprised of knowledgeable and compassionate folks truly personalizing your treatment and counseling experience. I highly recommended The Carter Treatment Center to those looking to make a positive change today with addiction and all that comes with it. Thanks to all for your support and continued success in helping others.

    - S.S.

  • “I've learned that recovery is more than just stopping something!”

    "The most effective groups in my treatment were holistic and process. I learned to open up and communicate better. I've learned that recovery is more than just stopping something. It is building a better life for myself that does not include alcohol."

    - C.A.

  • “We are forever thankful for finding this facility!”
    "If you are searching for the BEST rehab for whatever you are struggling with, look no further! From the moment you walk in the door and are welcomed to the therapist that you share with or any other staff member you feel hopeful. You have gone above and beyond treating my family member in the best-individualized program. It truly has not only restored her confidence but your program has given her life back. I am amazed at the difference. There are no other words and we are forever thankful for finding this facility!"

    - J.M.

  • “I am on the right path!”

    "What an amazing staff and facility! Heather and her staff made me feel like I was special and welcomed every time I visited. With The Carter Treatment Center on my side, I am on the right path!"

    - R.R.

  • “The Carter Treatment Center is very positive and encouraging!”

    "The Carter Treatment Center has a very positive vibe. It is fun and serious at the same time. It encourages everyone to share their experiences. It provides people with the time needed to regain their equilibrium."

    - I.W.