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Not all drugs that are addictive are illegal. Many prescription drugs that can be of great help to people suffering injury and illness are capable of causing an addiction. Physicians are aware of the addictive nature of certain medications and carefully plan a prescription schedule to ensure patients can safely take medication without developing a tolerance or dependency. Nonetheless, whether people do not follow their medication schedules or a doctor makes an error, prescription drug addiction continues to be a problem in the United States.

At The Carter Treatment Center, we have helped patients throughout Georgia recover from prescription drug addiction. Our alternative treatment program focuses on developing life skills that help recovering addicts resist the temptations of relapse.

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How to Recognize Prescription Drug Addiction

It can be difficult to tell that an addiction to prescription drugs is forming. Since the drug is legal, many people will rationalize that taking it more often than prescribed can’t do any harm. Several medications, such as Ritalin, morphine, OxyContin, and Vicodin, have addictive properties that can lead to more serious drug problems. Addiction OxyContin, morphine, and other painkillers can lead to heroin addiction, as it is made out of the addictive opiates found in painkillers.

Signs that you or someone you love is developing a prescription drug addiction include:

  • Taking medication more often than prescribed
  • Regularly getting early refills on medication
  • Forging prescriptions
  • Turning to another doctor when your first physician denies your prescription refill
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • You take more medication at a time because you have developed a tolerance

If you notice signs of an addiction developing, you should speak with your doctor immediately. It may be possible to curb an addiction before one fully forms. If a doctor believes a patient has succumbed to a full addiction, he or she will likely recommend rehabilitation.

Some of the most commonly and most abused prescription drugs include:

The Prescription Drug Treatment Process

Many addictive prescription drugs have dangerous withdrawal symptoms like seizures. A patient should only detox in a monitored medical environment where they can safely come down from their medication. After treatment at a reputable detox center, it's time to start addressing the issues that led to your addiction so you can overcome it once and for all.

At The Carter Treatment Center, we strive to help patients understand the underlying factors that led to their addiction. By helping people understand what attracts them to a substance, we can teach them techniques and skills that result in long-term sobriety.

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When it comes to recovery, It is normal to have questions

  • How do I pay for treatment?
    We want to make addiction treatment both effective and cost-effective. We thus work with numerous insurance providers to help cover the cost of treatments. To learn more check out this page!
  • What is "Outpatient" treatment?
    Outpatient treatment is when individuals continue living in their own residences while making trips to counseling and therapy sessions several times a week.
  • What is the definition of addiction?
    Addiction is a psychological and/or physical inability to stop consuming a substance even when it causes physical, spiritual, mental, or financial harm.

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