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Veterans Addiction Rehab in Georgia

VA Community Care Network Insurance Accepted in Cumming, Georgia

At The Carter Treatment Center in Cumming, Georgia, we understand that substance abuse can look much different from person to person, often depending on their backgrounds and addiction triggers. While anyone can be affected by drug and alcohol addiction, military veterans face unique challenges that often stem from their service. We are proud to have created a safe place for them to recover and treatment programs that acknowledge their unique situations. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction after serving time in the United States Armed Forces, then we would be honored to help.

We can create personalized addiction recovery programs for veterans who served in the:

  • Air Force
  • Army
  • Coast Guard
  • Marine Corps
  • National Guard
  • Navy
  • Space Force

From everyone at The Carter Treatment Center in Georgia, we salute and thank you for your service. Please let us show our appreciation by providing quality rehab treatments. We accept VA Community Care Network insurance, which can make our services highly affordable for most people.

Addiction Risk Factors for Military Veterans

Military veterans are often at a higher risk of substance addiction than the general population due to the unique experiences and challenges they face during their time in service. Military service members often encounter traumatic events, high levels of stress, and danger, which can contribute to the development of mental health disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and increase the risk of substance abuse. 

Some common causes of military veteran substance addiction include:

  • Exposure to combat and other traumatic events: Veterans may experience combat-related trauma, accidents, or other physically or psychologically traumatic events that are likely to cause PTSD or depression. When a mental health difficulty contributes to or causes substance addiction, it is called a co-occurring disorder.
  • Injuries sustained during service: A veteran who was injured in active service might be prescribed opioids for chronic pain. Opiate addiction is one of the most common and dangerous forms of substance abuse in the United States.
  • Difficulty adjusting to civilian life: Transitioning back to civilian life can be challenging for veterans, leading to feelings of isolation, anxiety, and boredom. Some turn to substance abuse to cope, while others may feel disconnected from society, which can trigger addictive behaviors.

Affordability with VA Community Care Network

The VA Community Care Network (CCN) is a program that provides veterans with access to healthcare providers outside the VA network. CCN offers a range of mental health and substance abuse services to veterans, including rehab programs, medications, and counseling, through its expanded insurance and benefits coverage.

At The Carter Treatment Center in Georgia, we are proud to accept VA CCN insurance and benefits options. If you are a veteran with CCN benefits, you may be able to use our rehab services at little or no out-of-pocket cost.

Please contact our Georgia veterans addiction recovery center today by dialing (678) 737-4430.

Proud to Support Our Veterans – Call Now

At our drug and alcohol rehab center, we understand that addiction can impact every aspect of life for military veterans. That's why our dedicated team of rehab professionals provides comprehensive, evidence-based treatment options designed specifically for veterans. 

We can work with the VA Community Care Network and VA insurance providers to ensure that our veteran clients receive the highest quality care at a highly affordable price. 

Please call (678) 737-4430 or contact us online to learn more about our addiction treatment programs for military veterans.

Rehab Programs for Veterans

Substance addiction is a significant problem, but it is not one that can’t be overcome. With the help of professional addiction recovery specialists at The Carter Treatment Center, you can find a path to sobriety. We have numerous rehab programs available that can help you recover. As a veteran, you might benefit most from these rehab programs that we offer:

  • Intensive outpatient rehab: This rehab program offers a structured schedule of treatment and therapy while allowing you to live at home. This program is best suited for veterans who are unable to take time off work or school and have a supportive home environment.
  • Family programs: Many rehab centers offer family programs to help veterans strengthen relationships with their loved ones and address any underlying family issues that may have contributed to their addiction. Family programs may involve individual therapy sessions, group sessions, and education programs.
  • Medication-assisted treatmentThis approach allows the use of medically-designed substances to gradually reduce the use of an addictive substance and/or reduce the risk of unsafe withdrawal symptoms. This form of treatment is best suited for veterans with severe addiction problems.
  • Co-occurring disorder treatment: This type of rehab program addresses both substance abuse and other mental health issues like depression, anxiety, or PTSD. By treating both conditions simultaneously, veterans can improve their chances of long-term recovery.

We are honored to serve those who have served our country, so our goal is to support veterans as they work towards sobriety, personal growth, and a healthy, fulfilling life.

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