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Drug Rehab Centers in Georgia: 5 Things To Look For


Admitting you have a problem is the best thing an addict can do for themselves. The next step is to kick the habit for good.

You’re better off entering into a rehab program than you are trying to make this journey alone.

Withdrawal symptoms from hard drugs can be fatal if not monitored by a medical professional. Prescription drugs and alcohol are too easy to get.

Successful recovery isn’t guaranteed. It’s a two-prong attack led by both the patient and the facility, which is why you should research all options and find a program that’s right for you.

If you’re in the greater Atlanta metro area and looking for rehab centers in Georgia, we could be the right fit.

5 Things to Look for When Searching for Rehab Centers in Georgia

1. Do They Offer Holistic Services?

Neither addiction nor treatment for addiction is one size fits all. Finding a facility that treats every individual case as it needs to be treated is the number one factor that you should look for in rehab centers in Georgia.

They should be able to offer inpatient as well as outpatient programs as well as a variety of mental and medical treatments.

Is there an option for group therapy? One case study has shown that those with a “positive group counseling experience” were not only successful but likely to recommend their treatment facility to others.

2. How Well Do They Explain?

Is someone happy to give you a full tour?

Is there someone available to discuss all of your potential treatment options?

How thorough and individualized are their evaluations?

The more time they’re willing to spend on YOU before you’re a patient will give you a great idea of how much time they’ll spend on your during treatment.

Shy away from any rehab center that isn’t willing to talk and discuss all of your options.

3. Are They Around for the Long Term?

Addiction can be a chronic disease which needs monitoring and treatment for years after the initial rehab program has ended. Do rehab centers in Georgia offer extended treatments?

As a patient, your success rate will skyrocket if you find a facility willing to help you over the long term. Once you’re out of the initial rehabilitation phase, it’s easy to relapse without the safety net of your program.

For severe cases, some treatments will involve extended inpatient care, complete with long-term psychological monitoring.

4. How Experienced is Their Team?

While education matters, how many cumulative years of experience does their team have?

Are they the type of facility that prefers to hire recent college graduates or interns to keep their operating costs low while having minimal experienced staff?

Use caution when exploring a possible treatment facility that appears to be more interested in making money than giving proper treatment.

5. How do They Measure Success?

When you’re asking about the facility’s success rate, make sure to find out exactly how they measure that success.

Some programs take this statistic seriously, measuring their success by not just completion of the initial treatment, but other factors like gainful employment.

While sometimes other drugs are used to treat severe addiction cases, make sure that’s not how every case in the program is treated.

The Takeaway

You may be an addict but you aren’t going to be the same as everyone else you meet in your program. The addiction could likely be the only thing that you have in common with other patients.

Focus on what the facility and its team members can do for your individual case.

If you’re in the greater Atlanta metro area and you’re in need of help, please contact us immediately. We can give you the immediate care that you need.

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