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How American Society is Driving ADHD Misdiagnoses & Adderall Addiction

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The ongoing opioid epidemic has caught the nation’s attention and concerns regarding drug addiction, as well it should. However, there is another growing substance use disorder problem: Adderall addiction. To put the issue into some perspective, the number of Adderall prescriptions between 2008 and 2012 ballooned by 300%, or a total of 16 million prescriptions written.

In a recent documentary — “Take Your Pills” — produced by Maria Shriver and Christina Schwarzenegger, an in-depth look into the Adderall crisis is given, backed by Christina’s own personal experiences with the psychostimulant. According to Christina’s insight, society’s current trends have pushed people to Adderall use to try to “stay ahead” of the competition. While Adderall is meant to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), it can also be used to enhance a person’s focus. She believes the American philosophy of “if you’re not first, you’re last” has unhealthily driven people to try to compete in all aspects of their lives, to the point of becoming reliant on psychostimulants.

Dr. Ish Major, a leading psychiatrist, agrees with Christina’s theory and has noted that ADHD is commonly misdiagnosed. In his profession, he has seen young children in the second grade being diagnosed with ADHD and being given an Adderall prescription. Whereas in past decades, it would likely be assumed that the child was simply restless due to their curious mind, and no diagnosis or prescription would be made.

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