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The Carter Treatment Center Is Now Accepting Tricare Insurance!

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New Coverage Added for Recovery Care in Cumming & Suwanee, GA

We are happy to announce that The Carter Treatment Center is now including Tricare insurance in our accepted insurance coverage options. Tricare covers out-patient treatment for drug rehabilitation, alcohol rehabilitation, medical and psychological mental health and substance abuse disorder care.

Our treatment options include a holistic approach to patient care, including outpatient substance abuse programs, counseling, family programs and holistic therapies such as:

We will tailor your treatment to your individual needs and your personal relationships to the programs we offer, with a focus on the path for your best chance at success.

What Does Tricare Cover?

Tricare provides coverage for the following treatments (and more):

  • Opioid Treatment Programs
  • Psychotropic Drugs
  • Detoxification Services
  • Psychological Testing and Therapy
  • Residential Treatment Programs
  • Therapeutic Services
  • Substance Use Disorder Services
  • Recreational Therapy

If you are part of the Tricare family, it pays to speak with our team to discuss your treatment options and how their coverage will benefit you. You deserve the treatment needed to recover and live in sobriety.

We Are Here to Help You Recover

We understand how important care and comprehensive treatment is for recovery, and we also understand that finances may be of concern to our patients. Don’t let the worry of payment stand in your way. Reach out to our staff to discuss coverage by your insurance carrier and the payment options available to you. Our holistic treatment centers in Cumming and Suwanee are both including Tricare coverage in our accepted carrier list. We want to help you get your life back and we can create a treatment plan that is unique to your needs. Let’s start today!

Contact our team to discuss your treatment options at (678) 737-4430.

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