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How to Find a Job After Addiction Treatment

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If you have recently completed drug or alcohol treatment and need a new job, you may experience some difficulty finding employment. In some cases, a gap in your work history while you were in treatment could be a turnoff to potential employers. In other situations, criminal or legal concerns that may have sprung up while you were using could become an employment barrier. Regardless of the reason for your difficulty finding a job, there are several tips you can utilize to get back to work after you leave drug or alcohol treatment.

Visit Your Local Career Center

The U.S. Department of Labor urges people in recovery that are looking for work to contact their local career center. By visiting the organization’s online service locator, you can find an agency in your area. These agencies serve as a one-stop career center that can put you in touch with open jobs in your area as well as training opportunities and other options for career exploration.

Contact the National HIRE Network

The HIRE Network is an organization that assists people who have criminal records to find a job. This organization maintains a state-by-state directory listing local employment programs that can help people to reintegrate into society. Since many people who have battled addiction have also had trouble with the law in the past, this program can also be helpful to individuals who are going through recovery.

Do Some Volunteer Work

If you are having a difficult time finding a job after rehab, getting involved with volunteer work may be the boost that your resumé needs. Find a volunteer opportunity that allows you to get involved in something you are passionate about and look for experiences that will provide you with positive job skills that will look impressive to prospective employers. If you’re unsure of what you want to do, volunteering for various causes is a great way to explore industries.

Look for Internship Programs

Many businesses offer internship programs that can give you the chance to learn the skills you would need to work within that industry. Internships could lead directly into a permanent job offer, or they could provide you with something impressive to list on your resumé. While most internships are unpaid, the experience that you gain can be priceless when it comes to finding a paying job.

Register with a Temp Agency

Employers that are searching for temporary laborers may be more likely to look past the background of their prospective employees. After you’ve left rehab, contact your local temp agencies to register, and let them know that you’ll be willing to try any work they have available. Any work you can come by will help you to get positive work experience while filling in the gaps in your resumé. In some cases, a temporary position may turn into a permanent opportunity.

Continue with Your Aftercare Program

Just because you’ve left rehab doesn’t mean your recovery journey has ended. To maintain your sobriety, you’ll need to continue with your aftercare program. Staying free of drugs and alcohol will be essential in your quest to find a new job. Continue to visit with your therapist regularly and use him or her as a resource to provide you with professional guidance on finding employment. Additionally, you might experience disappointment and stress throughout your job hunt that could potentially jeopardize your sobriety, so it is more important than ever to ensure you are getting proper support through your aftercare program.

Finding a job after you leave rehab may be challenging, but it is important to remain dedicated to your job hunt. Perseverance will eventually pay off. By finding opportunities to enhance your experience and skills, while keeping a positive attitude, you will soon be back within the workforce.

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