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Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Dawsonville Residents

Let The Carter Treatment Center Help You on the Road to Recovery

Are you or a loved one struggling with addiction in Dawsonville, Georgia? The Carter Treatment Center is here to help. We understand the unique challenges that come with substance abuse, and we're dedicated to providing comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab services tailored to the specific needs of the Dawsonville community.

We offer the following drug and alcohol rehab services for residents of Dawsonville:

  • Detoxification Services: The first step on the path to recovery is often detoxification. Our medically supervised detox program provides a safe and comfortable environment for you to rid your body of substances while managing withdrawal symptoms. We prioritize your safety and well-being throughout this crucial phase.
  • Individual Counseling: Our one-on-one counseling sessions offer you the opportunity to explore the underlying causes of your addiction, develop coping strategies, and set achievable goals for your recovery. Our compassionate and experienced therapists are here to guide you every step of the way.
  • Group Therapy: Group therapy provides a supportive community of individuals who understand what you're going through. It offers a space for sharing experiences, learning from others, and building connections that can be essential for long-term recovery.
  • Family Counseling: Addiction affects not only the individual but also their loved ones. Our family counseling services help repair relationships, provide education on addiction, and support families in understanding and contributing to the recovery process.
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Many individuals struggling with addiction also have co-occurring mental health disorders. Our dual diagnosis treatment addresses both addiction and underlying mental health issues to ensure comprehensive healing.
  • Holistic Therapies: At The Carter Treatment Center, we believe in treating the whole person. That's why we offer a range of holistic therapies such as yoga, meditation, art therapy, and more to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

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Comprehensive Outpatient Program

The Carter Treatment Center offers a highly regarded outpatient treatment initiative, providing patients with the opportunity to initiate or sustain their rehabilitation process following inpatient therapy. Within the outpatient rehabilitation framework, individuals engage in regular sessions with counselors and participate in therapy sessions multiple times each week, addressing topics related to addiction, the challenges of recovery, and stories of triumph.

For those in the early stages of addiction, outpatient rehab frequently serves as the preferred starting point. Some individuals find it possible to concentrate on their recovery without completely removing themselves from their everyday lives and the stressors that contributed to their addiction.

Individuals who have successfully completed an inpatient rehabilitation program are strongly encouraged to continue their treatment via outpatient therapy. Transitioning back to normal life following a period of rehabilitation can be disorienting, and it can provide solace knowing that one can still discuss their recovery journey with individuals who comprehend the challenges they face.

Contact us today at (678) 737-4430 to get started on your road toward sobriety.


The Benefits of Drug & Alcohol Rehab Services

The purpose of drug and alcohol rehabilitation is to help individuals who are struggling with substance abuse or addiction to overcome their dependencies and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. Rehabilitation programs aim to address both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction, offering a structured and supportive environment for individuals to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Here are some key purposes and benefits of drug and alcohol rehabilitation:

  • Detoxification: Many individuals entering rehab need to go through a detoxification process to safely rid their bodies of drugs or alcohol. Medical supervision in rehab ensures that withdrawal symptoms are managed safely.
  • Breaking the Cycle: Rehabilitation helps individuals break the cycle of addiction, which often involves harmful behaviors, such as lying, stealing, or engaging in risky activities to obtain drugs or alcohol.
  • Counseling and Therapy: Rehab programs offer various types of counseling and therapy, such as individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy. These sessions help individuals understand the root causes of their addiction and develop healthier coping mechanisms.
  • Education: Patients learn about addiction, its effects on the body and mind, and the importance of maintaining sobriety. Education is a crucial component of rehabilitation, as it helps individuals make informed decisions about their recovery.
  • Supportive Environment: Rehab provides a structured, drug-free environment that is conducive to recovery. It removes individuals from the triggers and temptations of their everyday lives.
  • Development of Coping Skills: Patients are taught strategies for dealing with stress, cravings, and triggers. They learn how to handle life's challenges without turning to drugs or alcohol.
  • Relapse Prevention: Rehab programs focus on relapse prevention by teaching individuals to recognize potential triggers and develop strategies to avoid or cope with them.
  • Improved Mental Health: Substance abuse often co-occurs with mental health issues. Rehab programs address these issues and provide tools for managing them effectively.
  • Rebuilding Relationships: Through family therapy and communication skills training, rehab helps individuals repair damaged relationships with loved ones.
  • Personal Growth: Many people find that rehab is a time of personal growth and self-discovery. They gain a better understanding of themselves and their values, which can lead to positive life changes.
  • Support Network: Patients often form strong bonds with others in rehab, creating a valuable support network for ongoing recovery.
  • Long-Term Recovery: The ultimate goal of drug and alcohol rehabilitation is to equip individuals with the tools and skills they need to maintain sobriety in the long term.
  • Legal and Employment Benefits: Completing a rehab program can have legal and employment benefits, as some courts and employers may look favorably upon efforts to address addiction.

The purpose of drug and alcohol rehabilitation is to provide individuals with the resources and support they need to overcome addiction, improve their overall quality of life, and reduce the negative consequences associated with substance abuse. It is a holistic approach that addresses physical, psychological, and social aspects of addiction, aiming to help individuals achieve and sustain a drug-free and healthier future.

Reviews & Testimonials

Hear From Others Who Have Recovered Their Possibilities
    “It felt like I was home”
    “The entire process was so innocuous that it never crossed my mind I was in treatment, it felt like I was home, surrounded by such whole-hearted individuals who were all reaching for the same goal: Sobriety.”
    - L.W.
    “I came out with peace, self love and most of all confidence”
    “I love The Carter Treatment Center so much because, for the first time in my existence, I came out with peace, self-love, and most of all confidence that I will make it much further this time.”
    - C.M.
    “Guys, call them- they changed my life.”
    “I don't usually open up publicly about my treatment, but... I love this place. They don't do cookie-cutter treatment. My plan was about ME and MY needs, unlike a lot of other places I've been in and out of.”
    - B.M.
    “Thank you The Carter Treatment Center for the amazing support”
    “This is honestly a great rehab for anyone looking for serious help and truly has some of the greatest doctors and therapists in the state of Georgia. Even after my short stay I still have continued sobriety and a fulfilling life.”
    - D.N.
    “Today REALLY IS the first day of the rest of your life!”
    “I Loved everything about TCTC! The staff is patient, kind, knowledgeable, well-trained, has compassion, and has given me the full toolbox (My Hard Work) to succeed in my recovery. By far the BEST decision I made was to go here.”
    - K.V.
    “I really believe The Carter Treatment Center cares about people, you're not just a number.”
    “My counselor was always professional and insightful. I found a lot of healing in the process group and sound therapy. I really believe The Carter Treatment Center cares about people, you're not just a number.”
    - A.L.
    “Thank you Carter Treatment Center, you are a blessing.”
    “Thank you Carter Treatment Center, you are a blessing. I always feel at home when I am here. Everyone is smiling and I know it will be a good day.”
    - G.H.
    “An excellent facility, with an even more amazing leadership and staff!!”
    “I would highly recommend any of my friends or loved one's that were seeking substance abuse treatment to contact them.”
    - P.S.

When it Comes to Recovery, It Is Normal to Have Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I pay for treatment?
    We want to make addiction treatment both effective and cost-effective. We thus work with numerous insurance providers to help cover the cost of treatments. To learn more check out this page!
  • What is "Outpatient" treatment?
    Outpatient treatment is when individuals continue living in their own residences while making trips to counseling and therapy sessions several times a week.
  • What is the definition of addiction?
    Addiction is a psychological and/or physical inability to stop consuming a substance even when it causes physical, spiritual, mental, or financial harm.
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