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Alternative Addiction Therapy in Cumming, GA

At The Carter Treatment Center, we use a combination of traditional treatments and alternative therapies designed to help you overcome drug or alcohol addiction. Aromatherapy is often integrated into a customized addiction treatment plan as an effective relaxation tool

When used in conjunction with massage therapy, meditation, sound therapy, or other treatment methods, aromatherapy can enhance the therapeutic value of those treatments and create natural feeling of well-being.


In aromatherapy, the practitioner will apply a carefully-considered selection of essential oils to cotton balls or cloth, or in warming devices intended for direct inhalation. The aromas released from the oils create a pleasant smell that is intended to induce a sense of calmness and relaxation, which can be especially helpful for deepening a relaxed state in meditation or during a massage.

In some cases, the practitioner may apply essential oils directly to the skin. As the oils can be absorbed by the skin, the molecules travel through the bloodstream to help promote whole-body healing.

Many people who have never experienced the pleasant state of calm that aromatherapy can produce report feeling a greater sense of relaxation and pain relief when the practice is used in combination with other treatment methods.


Once your formal treatment program is completed, you’ll need to make the transition back to your normal life. While you’ve had the benefit of newly-learned coping skills and strategies for remaining sober, the transition period can sometimes cause minor discomforts, including some anxiety and stress.

Continuing aromatherapy can help to ease some of those minor discomforts. Your memory will also associate those aromas with your recent treatments and therapy sessions, which will help refresh those lessons learned within your own mind and keep you motivated to continue on your path to recovery.

We’re committed to helping people permanently overcome addiction. Contact our addiction center in Cumming, GA today to learn more. We also service Dawsonville, Canton, Milton, Gainesville, John’s Creek, and Roswell.

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