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The Carter Treatment Center Has Partnered with Arise Recovery Residences to Combat Addiction and Foster Recovery

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Our team at The Carter Treatment Center is excited to announce a new partnership with Arise Recovery Residences in a combined effort to tackle the challenges of combatting substance abuse and putting patients on a more secure path to recovery. With our combined resources, we can expand the scope and depth of our recovery services for the residents of Suwanee and Cumming who require effective and creative treatment solutions for recovering from substance abuse.

Arise Recovery Residences provides a supportive and stable environment for people who are in recovery from substance abuse and addiction. The Georgia Association of Recovery Residences certified Arise Recovery Residences as a housing organization that met quality standards for recovery residences.

Services Our Patients Can Look Forward To

As a result of our partnership, The Carter Treatment Center will have an opportunity to provide its patients with the following benefits:

  • Affordability – Our patients will have our entire range of services at their fingertips – including rent, one-on-one counseling sessions, food, and transportation – all for the affordable admission price of $1,200.
  • Convenience – We will provide patients with transportation to and from day treatment at The Carter Treatment Center. As a result, we can help ensure that those without cars can take advantage of our day treatment services.
  • Support – The Carter Treatment Center offers supportive structured living environments that reinforce their recovery experience.
  • Growth – Patients participating in our intensive outpatient program (IOP) will have the opportunity to work part-time in conjunction with their day treatment. Patients involved in our partial hospitalization program (PHP) scheduling will have the ability to transition to work.
  • Knowledge – Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to fostering a supportive and structured living environment for our patients.
  • Lifestyle – Patients will have access to various support, education, and community groups to strengthen their lifestyle of recovery.
  • Accessibility – Qualified patients will have free access to our mental health services through Fayetteville Counseling Center to address patient monitoring, psychiatric appointments, and medication needs.

The Path to Recovery Starts at The Carter Treatment Center

Those who suffer from addiction and substance abuse are afflicted with a severe and often life-threatening illness. Like any other illness, our patients require proper treatment in order to overcome the ravages of their condition. At The Carter Treatment Center, we can appreciate the challenges our patients face in their efforts to recover from substance abuse or addiction. However, the hardest step in the journey toward recovery is that first step. Our compassionate staff is here to help you take that first step, and is committed to supporting you through your next steps toward a better and healthier lifestyle.

Ready to get started? Call (678) 737-4430 or contact us online to get in touch with our addiction treatment centers in Suwanee and Cumming, GA.

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