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Naloxone: Overdose Treatment Prescribed with Opioid Medications

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FDA Recommends that Naloxone be Prescribed to Patients

In the throes of the opioid epidemic, the FDA is responding by recommending that Naloxone prescriptions accompany opioid prescriptions for at-risk patients. Seven states are jumping on this opportunity to reduce overdose deaths, with doctors providing patients who are at risk of overdosing with the anecdote, giving friends and family peace of mind that they have something on hand in case of overdose.

All patients are not required to fill the naloxone prescription, but its availability to them is a big step in the right direction and an acknowledgment by the government that the opioid crisis is a real danger. In addition to prescribing Naloxone in these states, many states are requiring doctors to prescribe far fewer opioids than before and making the prescription refill process much more labor-intensive. Doctors are also turning to holistic options such as acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, and yoga for pain management. These efforts to provide alternative methods of pain management, and lessen the number of opioids prescribed, couldn’t come at a better time, as overdose deaths continue to increase and addiction spreads like wildfire.

CNN Spotlights Mandate Against Opioid Epidemic

As noted in the CNN article regarding the FDA recommendation of Naloxone, this mandate is one of many that are waging war against the epidemic of addiction to opioids, both prescription and illegal. Opioid-related deaths are numbering at the hundreds of thousands over the past two decades, according to the article, and it is no surprise that the FDA is working to provide patients with the tools and power to reverse an overdose. One roadblock facing the FDA is the number of Naloxone doses needed to provide them nationally, estimated at more than 48 million. Patients have also voiced concern that these prescriptions will be noted by future insurance providers or life insurance agencies, inhibiting access to coverage. These concerns and roadblocks are not deterring the state officials from grasping onto any hope that is provided. The epidemic must be fought from all angles, despite any bumps along the way.

 Find Peace Holistic Treatment Options

If you, or a loved one, are struggling with opioid addiction, The Carter Treatment Center is a place that offers outpatient rehabilitation in Suwanee and Cumming. You will be able to find peace and uncover your strength, confidence, and ability to persevere. Our holistic approach to treatment allows us to tailor your treatment plan to what is going to work best for your unique needs. With options that include group therapy, life skills coaching, meditation, yoga, adventure therapy, and equine-assisted therapy, you are sure to find something that resonates. The war against opioid addiction is not one to be fought alone, and we are here to support you as you walk the path of sobriety.

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