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How to Set Realistic New Year’s Resolutions for Sobriety

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Anyone who has tried to set New Year’s resolutions before knows how easy and quickly you can break them. According to the U.S. New & World Report, around 80 percent of all resolutions will fail by mid-February. One of the main reasons for this is people are always tempted to set goals that are broad and high-reaching, meaning they’ve set themselves up for failure before they’ve even had the chance to try. It’s important to start small and set resolutions that are attainable so you can feel confident and motivated to set additional goals.

Setting realistic New Year’s resolutions can be especially helpful for people trying to stay sober. The Carter Treatment Center recognizes that recovery is something you have to commit to every day and isn’t without its fair share of obstacles. By thinking of timely and realistic resolutions, you can develop a healthier attitude towards yourself and your progress.

Some examples of New Year’s resolutions you can tailor and make more specific according to your needs and preferences include:

Celebrate Successes

Recovery is a lifelong journey and every little success you have along the way matters. It can be encouraging to celebrate your successes when you achieve them. Whether you’ve achieved one year of sobriety and decide to reward yourself with a spa day or have navigated a conflict in a healthy way, make sure to take time to reflect on how far you’ve come.

Journal More Frequently

Many people are encouraged to journal when they’re in recovery in order to keep track of their progress and have a private place to express their feelings. You can continue carrying this habit into recovery by setting a resolution to journal regularly such as a few times a week or even every day. A journal can help you sift through your thoughts, track your mental health status, and more. Once it becomes a habit, achieving this resolution is easy.

Attend Support Groups

Attending a support group is a relatively easy resolution to keep with because you have a whole team of peers who can hold you accountable. Though it can be challenging to commit to attending your support group every week or month, you might surprise yourself by feeling accomplished every time you manage to attend – and your mental health and social life benefit, too.

Learn a Sober Hobby

Many individuals recovering from alcohol or drug addiction will develop a new hobby to fill their free time and have something they can actively work on. Make it your resolution to start a new hobby and set quarterly goals so you can hit milestones every few months, as opposed to just once a year. Some examples include cooking, painting or drawing, or joining a team sport like soccer.

Perceive Mistakes as Learning Opportunities, Not Failures

All too often, we see individuals place an incredible amount of pressure on themselves to be perfect once they’re out of rehab. However, relapsing is common and though you shouldn’t welcome it, you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it if it occurs, either. It might be helpful to set a specific resolution that helps you remember that mistakes are simply opportunities to learn and grow.

Heal Your Mind, Body & Spirit Today

The Carter Treatment Center offers various treatment programs for individuals who wish to overcome their alcohol and drug addictions. Thanks to our alternative approach to recovery, our team helps individuals with the understanding that recovery looks like taking care of not only your physical needs, but your mental health and emotional well-being, too.

As an outpatient rehab facility, we also provide flexibility for individuals to balance treatment with the demands of their lives. By working with us, you can access our professional services while also being able to go home at the end of the day to spend time with loved ones. Outpatient rehab is also more affordable than inpatient rehab. If you’re ready to begin working towards the life you want – a sober life – we’re ready to help you.

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