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How to Have a Safe & Sober Holiday Season

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December is, for many, an incredibly stressful month. Containing numerous holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s, Hanukkah, and more, individuals often feel overwhelmed as they plan family gatherings, scramble to finish their work before they take time off, and get their loved ones the gifts they want. It’s also overwhelming for people who are recovering from alcohol and drug addiction, as the holidays often offer opportunities to overindulge and celebrate with drinks. Even workplaces host happy hours and end-of-quarter celebrations for their employees, and New Year’s Eve alone is one of the nation’s top drinking holidays.

Fortunately, our team understands how difficult it can be to navigate this time when you are trying to stay sober, and we’d like to share a list of tips for having a safe holiday season, especially amid COVID-19 restrictions. Just because you can’t drink or use drugs doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have fun and relax like everyone else.

1. Remember to remove alcohol from your home

Before you do anything else, you may want to spend time removing any alcohol or drugs in your home that might tempt you to begin using again. This is an especially relevant reminder if you have gone home to your parents’ home for the holidays. You might also ask your loved ones to hide their alcohol if you’re not comfortable with asking them to get rid of it.

2. Have a spa day

What better way to relax than by taking a day for yourself and heading to a spa for a massage and facial treatments? Self-care is an important part of recovery, and if you bring along a family member, spouse, or friend, it can also be a good opportunity to bond or repair a broken relationship. Many spas are also located in the countryside with great views of nature. You can opt for this instead of attending a holiday happy hour.

3. Host a non-drinking holiday event

You can still see your loved ones virtually without needing to celebrate the holidays with alcohol. Consider hosting an event like virtual movie night, game night, or Christmas caroling night. You can engage in fun activities without feeling pressured to drink with everyone else and avoid being asked why you’re not drinking. One benefit of social distancing guidelines is that you don’t have to attend parties out of obligation.

4. Do a gift exchange with your support group

If you’re a part of a support group, it may be more important now than ever to bond with them since they understand what you’re going through. Though you may not be able to meet in person this year, you might want to suggest celebrating the holidays was a group gift exchange. You can order gifts to be delivered or drop them off at one another’s houses. Some gift ideas for people in recovery include a nice engraved journal, yoga studio membership, spa or massage parlor certificate, and essential oil-related gifts.

Treating Addiction in All its Forms

The Carter Treatment Center offers numerous types of counseling, alternative therapies, and more in our outpatient treatment programs with the understanding that addiction comes in many forms and affects each individual differently. Family therapy, for instance, might not be as helpful to you as it has been for a previous patient.

When you join us, our team will work with you to create a treatment plan that aligns with your values and needs. We recognize that in order to set our patients up for successful futures, we must treat not only the physical aspects of addiction but the mental and emotional parts, too. Whether you have an alcohol or drug addiction such as fentanyl or cocaine, you deserve to be able to reclaim your life and not allow your addiction to ruin your relationships or your future.

The Carter Treatment Center is here to give you options at a time when you may be feeling like you have no alternatives. Contact our team online, or call us at (678) 737-4430 to learn about our Georgia-based facilities.