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Valentine’s Gifts for People in Addiction Recovery

Valentine's Day heart decals

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular holidays in the country. Everyone likes treating their significant other to something nice to celebrate good times they have had and all the fun times that are sure to be had in the future. But Valentine’s is often associated with fine wine or parties with groups of friends. For people in a recovery treatment program, celebrating Valentine’s Day can face them with dangerous temptations that could damage their hard-earned sobriety.

Is your special someone in an addiction treatment program? You can still enjoy your Valentine’s Day with gift ideas that should be safe for everyone. Some gifts will even further encourage people to stay sober and stay on the path of recovery!

Consider these four fun and loving Valentine’s gifts for your loved one in recovery:

  • Personalized photo album: For couples with many years of history together – or just couples who love making memories in a short amount of time – a personalized photo album can be an amazing gift idea. Look through old photographs that mean something special to you and your loved one, like pictures of ‘firsts.’ Think first date, first vacation, first apartment together, etc. Photo albums are also great because they can evoke beautiful emotions for a small price tag.
  • Engraved keepsake: Along the same lines as a photo album, you can get an engraved keepsake item to give to your loved one. Lockets and watches are good choices for most people, but you can also think of personal items that mean a lot to them like a little trinket that you keep on your shared mantle space. The engraved keepsake can be put on a chain, too, so they can take it everywhere. In moments of uncertainty, they could use it to remind them why they fight to stay sober.
  • Yoga class pass: Meditation and relaxing forms of exercise like yoga are great tools to help people center themselves and resist temptations to break sobriety. If you think that yoga could help your loved one, then you can browse local yoga studios for class passes. Many such studios sell special partner packages around Valentine’s Day. For social distancing safety, you might even be able to attend a class remotely via Zoom and other chat programs.
  • Chocolate: Do not forget the timeless classic Valentine’s Day gift of chocolate. People who love chocolate love receiving it as a gift. It can also be a really fun option to let someone who is in recovery indulge a little bit without doing so in a way that could be dangerous for their sobriety.

From everyone at The Carter’s Treatment Center, we hope this quick list of fun and sober-safe Valentine’s Day gift ideas helps you and your loved one enjoy the day!